Fear kept this story on the inside of me for years. And shame. It is not a secret, per se, but it isn't something I tell everyone. I understand it is not something everyone can palate. Hell, I wouldn't have been able to until it was me who was so... Read more →

There were many more signs to come. While they filled me with dread, I dismissed them all. Was I stupid? In denial? Yes, and in love. All these years later, that is what still infuses me with anger. The lack of regard for me--not only to do it, but to lie and cause me to mistrust myself. Read more →

Despite my deep faith in God, I began to use alcohol and sex to numb myself. What can I say? As much as I have not enjoyed the past 8 years, I was (and am) being transformed. God allowed me to see through my very own eyes that we are all capable of shocking things under the right circumstances. Read more →

Today, I choose to begin the chronicling of my own personal failures and train wreck of a marriage. I am not sure what to title this yet. It will snap into focus though, just as life has a way of doing. As my decision to file for divorce did, after years of inability to face to truth. Read more →